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Adresse: 9401, boulevard Parkway,
Montréal Anjou
(Québec) Canada H1J 1N4

Téléphone: (514) 353-9210
Fax: (514) 355-5563

Corporate Information

Founded in Montreal (Canada) in 1971, Quebec Traction Chains now serves an international clientele divided among Canada, the United States, and the South America. Our company is known for its customer service and for the commitment it has made with respect to research and development.

Thanks to our modern quality control laboratory, we are able to guarantee our products and meet the rigorous standards that consumers demand. Our courteous and qualified personnel ensure both the efficiency of our organisation, and the reputation for premier quality enjoyed by products that carry the name of Quebec Traction Chains.

Adress : 9401, boulevard Parkway,
Montreal Anjou (Québec) Canada H1J 1N4

Phone : (514) 353-9210
Fax : (514) 355-5563

Business hours : 8am – 17pm – Monday to Friday

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